Just For Law: Montreal

Bonjour Law Clerks!

Join First Base Solutions in Montreal, May 11-14 2016, for the 26th annual Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario Conference: Just For Law.

First Base Solutions is proud to be a silver sponsor at this year’s event.  Visit our booth, stay and chat, watch a demonstration. Learn how to integrate our mapping technology into your legal work.

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We'll be demoing VuMAP, a feature-packed online mapping application that lets you measure, draw, compare imagery year over year and research land information from anywhere through a web browser.

  • Save time and money on site research
  • Evaluate locations without leaving the office
  • Make decisions based on facts not guesses
  • Communicate complex information visually
  • Did I mention there's a free trial?

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Legal firms were some of the first companies to utilize geodata in their daily processes. By reducing up front cost and time, they are able to provide a better service while making higher margins.

Check out the two articles below and see how FBS is helping legal firms reduce their costs:

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See you in Montreal!


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