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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Oh Snap! Promo Codes

Show & tell to get 15% off at MapWarehouse

Did you use our imagery as a base layer to create something amazing in CAD or GIS? Any time you need a deal on your MapWarehouse purchase, simply share your work to get a promotion code for 15% off a single order, good for 60 days. Here's how:

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Take a screen capture of your work, briefly explain how you use our products, and post your picture with #FirstBaseSolutions and @FirstBaseSol on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. We'll review your post, then email you a promo code good for 60 days. Share as many projects as you want, we'll send you more codes.

Here's an example:

Here I am using #FirstBaseSolutions orthophoto in ArcGIS as a base layer under a plan of subdivision. The #FirstBaseSolutions imagery and contour elevation mapping gives me context to geo-reference the plan so I can see where current land uses will intersect with future land uses. I can then use the map I created to report on upcoming changes to zoning for each property.

You like our products and you like our services, so why have you been keeping it to yourself?

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