Crash Course: Elevation Imagery

Sample contours map

Find the right elevation imagery for your needs

Elevation imagery from FBS is usually sold as either DEM with spot heights and break lines, or, as 1m interval contour lines derived from those DEM, but, we have a few other products you might not know about.

As you can see in the chart, there are five products that you can extract elevation data from. Each has different types of deliverable's, precision, and geographic coverage:

Check out this handy data sheet that compares the different types of terrain imagery.


Digital Elevation Models?

  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) imagery is commonly created from original unprocessed aerial imagery, the elevation data is extracted from that imagery.

  • DEMs are perfectly fit for landscape analysis. This includes, but is not limited to, hydro-logical analysis, geologic and geomorphic analysis and landscape development.               

Contour Lines

Contour mapping connects points of equal elevation to highlight changes in elevation, slope, and aspect.
First Base Solutions produces 1m contour elevations from our orthophoto, commonly used in practical engineering applications. We can also source worldwide coverage provided from our partner DigitalGlobe. 

Predict the flow of surface water, air movement, acoustic modeling, sight-line analysis, volumetric calculations, and show depth on a flat image when used together with orthophoto.

Elevation Data Compared to a Typical Land Survey

  • Projects don't always proceed as originally planned. DEM helps in the initial decision making at a much lower cost than survey.
  • It's available immediately as required.

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When you buy any DEM or 1m Contours data, save 20% on any vintage orthophoto. A Perfect bundle deal to get a detailed view of your location of interest.


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