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From February 1st to March 31st 2017If you purchase a 1 meter contours or DEM data on MapWarehouse, you will receive an additional 20% off any vintage orthophoto (below 2015) imagery!

This is your chance to act now if you want to combine DEM or Contours with orthophoto imagery for a more complete and detailed view of your area of interest!

What is a Digital Elevation Model?

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and contour mapping is key for professionals that require detailed geographical data for an area. They display elevation and topographic information and allows easy manipulation to facilitate precise calculations.They are also perfect complementary data to orthophoto imagery, allowing a more refined view of the area.
Colorized Full Featured DEM

DEM and contour type data is ideal for usages such as:

- Precision Farming and Agriculture
- Archaeology
- Infrastructure and Construction
- Flight simulations
- Emergency and relief planning
- Airflow and Water flow predictions
- Sight-line analysis
- rectification of orthophoto imagery

Since our DEM and contour mapping is looking at bare earth topography, and the lay of the land doesn't generally change, there's no reason to reject the data based solely on its age! This type of data is "timeless". Surveying equipment and techniques have changed over the years, definitely, but the topographic information found on good maps drawn 100 years ago will still be accurate.

There are some exceptions of course: large scale infrastructure projects that alter the landscape such as mining, dams, fracking and etc. have the potential to change topographic data.

Learn More About DEM/Contour Imagery

Is Vintage Orthophoto Useful?

Orthophoto Imagery
Absolutely! The majority of rural areas in Ontario don't experience major changes to landscape features between image acquisition years, which means the older imagery continues to be acceptable for many purposes.

Even in the major cities, areas within the downtown core experience very little change. Scarce land supply hampers any major developments from occurring. This is where you can get the most bang for your buck with vintage orthophoto imagery.

Learn More About Vintage Orthophoto Imagery

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