Ordering Planet Satellite Overview

If you've missed our recent lunch & learn event, here's a quick summary of what the combined power of First Base and Planet have to offer

Satellite imagery from Planet is ideal for both visual and analytical uses. The agile approach to aerospace allows the entire earth to be captured every single day with a turnaround time of just a few hours. Top uses include:
• Engineering
• Agriculture
• Planning & Design
• Natural Resources
• Infrastructure
• Consulting
• Business Intelligence
• Crisis Management

What's Available?

Fresh: New imagery is added daily!

Archives: Planet offers hand touched, colour balanced mosaics with low or no cloud. Mosaic basemaps are compiled from the best images weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

The Sensors

50 cm (1:1,000 scale)
Stereo imagery in one pass.

80 cm (1:1,600 scale)
Daily revisit over any target on Earth.

SPOT 6 & 7 
1.5 m (1:3,000 scale)
Large collection capacity & deep archive.

3.0 m (1:6,000 scale)
100 + satellites in operation.

5.0 m (1:10,000 scale)
Very large area coverage.

How to Order?

When you call FBS, there are 4 ways to access satellite imagery from Planet Labs:

Use the interactive map to locate your area of interest, then purchase and download multiple geo-data sets including satellite easily and quickly with a credit card.
• SPOT6 & SPOT7 (1.5m)
• Sold in 2km x 2km tiles
• Complete Ontario coverage

Subscribe to our WMS to access imagery and vector mapping through an online connection served directly to your CAD or GIS workstation.
• SPOT6 & SPOT7 (1.5m)
• Complete Ontario coverage
• Add the “Ontario Satellite Imagery” data package when you build your subscription

Custom Order
Email us a boundary file to delineate your area of interest. We’d be happy to search the archives for imagery matching your specifications.
• Call for quote
• Archives or tasking
• Several sensors to choose from
• Preview raw images and have them delivered in a colour-balanced orthorectified mosaic
• Tell us what you want you want to do and we’ll help make it happen

Planet Explorer
Review up to the minute fresh imagery, browse weekly, monthly and quarterly mosaic basemaps, create timelapse sequences, or download on the spot.
• Planetscope (3m), SkySat (80cm), and RapidEye (5m) satellites
• Internal or distribution licensing
• Daily new imagery, mosaic basemaps and archives
• Online access or discrete downloads
• Download in basic raw scene, ortho scene, or ortho tiles
• Create image comparisons and stories

Working Together

Planet Labs Geomatics provides the most up-to-date and deepest archive of high and medium resolution satellite imagery of Canada. From satellite data reception to image processing, custom application development, and on-line data access, Planet is creating leading geo-image and geo-information products & services that help our clients make fast, accurate decisions.

First Base Solutions is a leading provider of aerial image acquisition services, geospatial data, and comprehensive mapping solutions. FBS caters to organizations with diverse mapping needs, technical experience, and budgets.


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