New 2017 Orthophoto Imagery Added

In preparation for the Winter, we are excited to announce the addition of new 2017 orthophoto data. This updated data is now available across all of our services. Whether you are a user of VuMAP or MapCast you can now access the imagery as part of your subscription. 

Additionally If you prefer MapWarehouse, this imagery is also available for download and purchase. Whatever delivery method you prefer, we got you covered. 

In one of our most comprehensive updates, new imagery has been added for the following cities:

Many changes can happen in just a few short years throughout the city, Ontario has been growing rapidly, with many major land development projects being started and completed.

Typically Toronto is updated every year. Because of the huge volume of new developments and changes in land use, one year can see a huge difference. Regions that are less densely populated do not see such dramatic change over a short period of time, and do not warrant frequent updates. 

This update includes the more rural regions/cities and will be sure to look much different from older imagery. 

Hop onto VuMAPMapCast, or MapWarehouse now to check out the difference.


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