$100 Not Going As Far As It Used To?

Best $100 per month investment for your business

For a lot of us, $100 is a tank of gas. If you use that $100 tank of gas to drive your crew and equipment out to investigate various work sites, add your labour costs, plus any lost opportunity costs while your assets and gear are tied up on the road. That $100 tank of gas actually costs your business far more than face value.

If you're reading his article, it means you're interested in ways to streamline your operations so that $100 goes a little further. Here's one simple way to do just that, and it's completely free to try:  


It will still cost you $100 every month, but, you can reduce the number of trips out of the office, effectively saving you that very expensive tank of gas and freeing up your employees and equipment to work on something more productive than sitting in traffic. If you save a tank of gas per month, it's more than paid for itself!

Data Update Alert: Spring 2016 Imagery Now Available

What Can I Get Out Of VuMAP?

VuMAP gives you the freedom to jump online from anywhere you are, and compile a custom map view of your area of interest in seconds. Click to turn layers of aerial imagery and mapping information off or on, measure, draw, and add annotations to your map, or query features to learn more about them quickly.

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$100 per month gives you unlimited access to research up to date mapping information including:

How Is VuMAP Different?

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Show Me VuMAP in Action! 

Watch the VuMAP tutorial:

Who Is VuMAP For?

Construction and Landscaping
  • Use VuMAP's measurement tools to accurately find roof or pavement areas to estimate your material costs. 
  • Communicate your work plan with images identifying where bins and machinery can be located on site. 
  • Identify work site hazards and obstacles before the job begins.

Land Development
  • Perform non-intrusive environmental assessments.
  •  Design to make the most of your site's unique features.

Renewable Energy 
  • Measure rooftop areas for solar panels and distances to grid tie ins.
  • See the context of the surrounding land use to identify the best potential locations.

Natural Resources Management
  • Accurately measure acreage of woodlots to estimate harvest yields.
  • Monitor year by year changes to land use patterns. 
  • Research remote site conditions without the hassle of a ground survey.

  • Research PINs for every property in Ontario along with boundary mapping to visually identify dominant and servient parcels.
  • Compare current and historical imagery to objectively show past conditions at a property.
  • Measure distances and sight lines to reconstruct accident scenes.

Listen to VuMAP users like civil engineer Michelle Tremblay and hydrogeologist Steve Usher talk about how VuMAP helps them save money and work more efficiently.

The Offer:

What's the best way to invest $100 a month in your business? Invest in a VuMAP subscription.  Here's how:

1. Start with a free trial. Free means free. Really. You'll get 1 week to try the application with unlimited access (certain third party data is not available during the trial).

2. Contact customer service and we will set up a promotional pricing subscription for you. New subscriptions starting between October 1st, 2016 and January 31, 2017 will receive the promotional price of $1200 + tax for a single user license.* That's only $100 per month!
(If you've got a whole team that needs VuMAP, call us.)

*Offer is for new subscribers and does not apply when renewing an existing active subscription. May not be combined with other offers. After 1 year, regular price of $1500 + tax will apply upon renewal.  Other conditions may apply. 




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