Blown Away At CanWEA!

Three days of shooting the breeze with our best clients.


What's CanWEA?

The Annual Canadian Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition is the meeting point for all members of the wind energy industry – top business executives, technical experts, decision and policy makers, and government representatives – to come together and address the key issues facing the industry today.

Premier exhibiting companies presented their cutting-edge technology and innovations that will help solve the industry’s biggest problems and pave the way for a more efficient, effective, and sustainable energy future.

This year’s conference hosted close to 1,500 attendees representing a wide range of interests, including project developers, manufacturers, federal, provincial and municipal governments, utilities, consultants, communities and students.


First Base Solutions (FBS) Was There


First Base has been a long time data provider, first time exhibitor. As our first year exhibiting at the show, we were extremely pleased with our experience. We learned a lot about our existing customers' data requirements, how they use the data we provide, and what they like and don't like about services like VuMAP.  After years of emails and phone calls back and forth, it was nice to finally put faces to the names.

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Attending CanWEA helped us zero in on the types of wind industry specific data sets and tools that are in high demand. We were able to meet with a few key players and plan to pursue data partnerships that would help our existing clients and the new leads we met at the show access new, highly relevant data more easily through First Base Solutions' main services, VuMAP and MapWarehouse.

What Does VuMAP Do For Wind Energy?

In case you were unable to attend for the live demo, contractors, consultants, engineers, construction and affiliated companies use VuMAP for pre-site analysis and feasibility reports. Users can view proposed sites using all FBS current and vintage orthophoto, parcel mapping, elevation data and built-in tools to determine:
  • Location
  • Site area
  • Neighbouring properties and boundaries
  • Natural/man made objects
  • Road access/road construction required
  • Distances to stations
  • Distance required to run cables

Maps you put together on the fly using your own input points and shape files, combined with our data and imagery are an efficient way to communicate information and direct field staff.


MapWarehouse Data For Wind?

For the more advanced stages of a project, MapWarehouse offers easy access to purchase and download geo-data almost instantly for use in CAD and GIS systems.

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Orthophoto: Exclusive high resolution aerial imagery, fully processed, map scaled, geo-referenced and ready to use. Preview potential sites with the benefit of photographic detail.

Parcel: Identify neighbouring properties to notify them of construction, communicate boundary locations with field staff, project planning, land acquisition, etc.

Elevation: Height is a key location requirement. Elevation data helps determine site feasibility as well as road access and aggregate requirements.

Access these key data set and many more through First Base Solutions.


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