Friday Fun Crossword

Spelling FBS out for you

Clues and answers are below. Don't cheat! (All the answers can be found on


2. Imagery with bands outside the visible range is called multi-what?
4. FBS data covers this province.
5. Mapping data comprised of points, lines, polygons and annotation.
6. Teranet parcels in VuMAP let you research this type of description?
7. FBS resells this type of imagery provided by DigitalGlobe.
9. Sometimes called “bird’s eye view,” this type of aerial imagery is taken from a slanted angle relative to the ground.
10. The ground coverage of a pixel in centimeters of an aerial image describes its what?
11. What's it called when many aerial images are stitched together?
14. Real estate agents purchase aerial imagery here.
17. VuMAP lets you add labels to your map with this tool.
18. Orthophoto have been geometrically corrected to have this perspective.
20. Data about data.
21. Aerial imagery for farming is called....agriculture.
23. FBSWMS (First Base Solutions Web Map Service) offers pricing packages based on .... usage?
26. The most commonly used projected coordinate system in Canada.
28. Property identification number.
30. The precise point in an image where the viewing angle of the sensor is directly overhead.
31. This type of mapping identifies areas at risk of high water.
32. Assessment Roll Number


1. Where can you download elevation models, aerial imagery, and other tiled geographic data?
3. The term for grayscale imagery, where all the colours are combined into one spectral band.
8. Ontario base maps and maps that focus on elevations and natural features are this type of map.
11. Popular Image format that stands for multiresolution seamless image database
12. Digital elevation models can be used to create these lines of equal elevation.
13. This techniques applies mapping coordinates to imagery.
15. Trades people use which VuMAP tool to estimate material costs for projects like roofing and paving?
16. This is the relationship between the size of a model like a map and size of the real area it describes.
19. What type of plane does First Base Solutions use to capture aerial imagery?
22. Seeing your business information on a map is called data….?
24. Terrain model.
25. Comparing historical and current aerial imagery is this type of series?
27. Which online mapping application offers a free trial?
29. What agency maintains Ontario's property information?


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