FBS Data Supports Intelligent Pipeline Planning Decisions

Turning a pipedream into reality

First Base Solutions' parent company, J.D. Barnes, has been providing surveying, mapping, and related land information services to support the development of TransCanada's Energy East Pipeline Project. The much needed infrastructure project, stretching 4600km across the country will safely deliver 1.1 million barrels of oil per day from Alberta to refineries and port terminals in New Brunswick when complete. 

Before the oil starts flowing, every property, every water crossing, every hill and ditch must be accounted for in the route selection.  To that end, First Base Solutions has been working alongside J.D. Barnes in the planning stages of the project, providing up to date, highly detailed aerial imagery, mapping, and land information to support smart decisions about the optimal route for the pipeline to take.  With this valuable information in hand, the pipeline's potential impact on nearby residents and the environment can be mitigated effectively.

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Our President and CEO, Joseph Young, talks about the economic benefits of the pipeline project in Ontario and beyond, and the importance of the insights gained from the supporting data for environmentally sensitive lands along the route. Take a look behind the scenes at our office and see the sophisticated mapping technology we work with to get major infrastructure projects like this one off the ground.


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