Celebrate GIS Day 2017

Originally started in 1999, GIS Day encourages the education of geography and the uses of GIS. Intended to be a grassroots initiative to display and highlight the practical use cases of GIS technology.

GIS has enormous hidden potential to increase productivity in every facet of our lives, from finding the most optimal route home to solving complex societal problems such as governance.
In the spirit of GIS day many municipalities and regions across Ontario are hosting special GIS events with the goal to promote and educate the public of the endless possibilities of GIS. Check out our list below for a GIS workshop near you!


Newmarket GIS Day

Date: Wed Nov 15 2017, 11:00 AM
Address: 395 Mulock Drive, Newmarket, L3Y 4X7
Host: Newmarket Townhall
Type: Open House

Discover Newmarket through GIS!

2017 GIS Day at SAC
Date: Wed Nov 15 2017, 9:00AM
Address: 15800 Yonge Street, Aurora, L4G3H7
Host: St. Andrews College
Type: Workshop

GIS Day at St. Andrew's College will be promoted with special classroom activities and school promotions. Students also participate in the yearly MapOff activities organized by Raphael Heath, Bath, UK.


GIS Day 2017

Date: Wed Nov 15 2017, 10:00 AM
Address: 2141 Major Mackenzie Drive, Maple
Host: Vaughan Business Enterprise Center
Type: Open House

We'll be celebrating GIS Day by showcasing success stories from throughout the organization. Also, our vendor partners will be presenting the cutting edge in GPS and GIS Software.


City Of Toronto GIS Day

Date: Thu Nov 16 2017, 9:00AM
Address: 55 John Street, Toronto, M5V3C6
Host: Metro Hall
Type:: Open House

The theme for the City of Toronto's GIS Day is "Smart Cities – Powered by GIS". The GCC has invited divisions, agencies and educators to present how they are using geospatial information to perform analysis and build applications that are making Toronto a smarter city.

GIS Day @RyersonGeo

Date: Tues Nov 14, 2017, 4:00 PM
Address: 380 Victoria St, Toronto, M5B2K3
Host: Ryerson University
Type: Map Gallery

This year's GIS Day event at Ryerson University focuses primarily on the display of geovisualization projects completed by our Master of Spatial Analysis (MSA) students this term. In the morning, we will also hold an OpenStreetMap editing session for Building Canada 2020.


Durham GIS Day

Date: Wed Nov 15 2017, 12:00PM
Address: 605 Rossland Road E, Whitby, L1N6A3
Host: Regional Municipality of Durham
Type: Open House

Drop by between 8am - 4pm to see the displays by our GIS groups at the Region. Special Durham GIS User Group presentations will be held from 2 - 4:30pm in our large boardroom.


Town Of Oakville GIS Day

Date: Wed Nov 15 2017, 12:00PM
Address: 1225 Trafalgar Road, L6H 0H3
Host: Town of Oakville
Type: Open House

Celebrating GIS at the Town of Oakville


GIS Day Workshop

Date: Wed Nov 15 2017, 2:00PM
Address: 426 Brant St. Burlington, L7R3Z6
Host: City of Burlington
Type: Workshop

Workshop for City staff to highlight how GIS is being used at the City of Burlington.


McMaster University Annual GIS Day
Date: Wed Nov 17 2017, 10:00 AM
Address: 1280 Main St W, L8S 4K1
Host: McMaster University
Type: Open House

We have two different GIS Day events. This one is held on the 17th of November and is an open house where we stage a series of lightning talks that deal with research using GIS. We will have from 10 to 12 speakers. On December 7th we stage an event for local secondary schools.


City Of Guelph GIS Day
Date: Wed Nov 15 2017, 12:00 PM
Address: 1 Carden St, N1H 3A1, CA
Host: City Of Guelph
Type: Open House

The City of Guelph will be showcasing the latest GIS projects that have been created to better serve the citizens of Guelph. The GIS projects highlighted will include the Parks Locator application, Grass Maintenance Tracker and many other new GIS initiatives at the City.


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