VuMap - The Key to Remote Productivity

Cutting costs and time are a critical part of productivity and by leveraging geo-spatial technologies like VuMap, your organization can save a good chunk of that time and cost.

If your business relies on performing pre-site analysis for clients in order to quote them, then VuMap is the perfect product for your organization.

Use cases:

Outdoor trades (roofing, fencing, concrete specialists) 

Easily and quickly give customers a rough quote of costs. By having the ability to measure objects and structures from your office or home. Get insights into the expected costs of labour and materials for any particular project.

Legal and property research

Thinking of buying a home? Property research is made simple with VuMap. Research title, ownership changes, and view parcel fabric data to understand the whole picture and history regarding the property.


Measure and analyze potential sites from your office or home. Easily gain insights into price estimates of materials and labour for your projects.


Plan and find the most optimal sites for your solar panels by using VuMap to find the areas with the most sun exposure. Compare imagery from the last decade to avoid the shadows and unlock the full potential of solar energy.


Vumap data includes elevation, soil descriptions, water
descriptions, and much more. The first step toward precision agriculture is with a VuMAp subscription. Target high risk areas, forecast yields, prioritize water usage, the possibilities are endless.

Save Money

No need to make physical trips to every site

This saves you money on labor, gas and depreciation on your equipment.

Save Time

By not needing to visit every site, you save time for yourself and for your employees.

You can now allocate those resources to more productive tasks.

Gain Focus

Offering instant quotes can be a huge advantage for your organization. Allowing the opportunity to focus more heavily on quality leads and filter out comparison shoppers; empowering you to quickly advance interested leads through the sales process.

What Are You Waiting For?

Check out the tutorial video to see VuMap in action

Increase the productive potential of your organization, and try VuMap Today with a Free Trial


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