Truth Or Scare? [Photoblog]

Ghosts's eye view of Toronto's spookiest places

That chill in the air - it's not the seasons turning.  Toronto has a spooky side.  Take a look at the sites below with notorious reputations for hauntings. How well do you know the city? Can you guess the locations? Check your answers below.

1. Visitors to this museum report being greeted by the ghost of a wolf.

2. Ghosts of three women and a soldier have been spotted at this former University Hospital for the Insane.

3. The ghost of a jilted lover who died while attempting to murder a romantic rival with an axe haunts this location.

4. Look busy!  The old boss is always watching at this place.

5. Steer clear of this building's fourth floor where plumbing and electrical disturbances have been reported.

6. The ghost of the original owner's wife is known to haunt this cottage.

7. Ghosts of hanged prisoners still haunt this courthouse today.

8. The ghost of a mistress found hanged in a secret chamber haunts this mansion.

9. Many types of spirits have been reported roaming these grounds.

10. The ghost of a teenage suicide victim haunts these halls.

11. The theatre area behind this historic inn has seen its share of spooks.

12. The ghost of an 1815 lighthouse keeper who died mysteriously still occupies this tower.

13. This modern theatre is haunted by ghosts, possibly from WWII era tunnels and factories that once occupied this site.

14. A legless woman in a red dress floats around tunnels below this subway station.

15. You can scarf a steak in this creepy mansion if you don't mind sharing with a few lingering spirits.

16. It's not known if this location is really haunted, or if the rumour was started to drum up business.

17. Only friendly ghosts have been seen keeping an eye on this hospital.

18. Many supernatural phenomenon have been reported by residence of this college.

19. Visitors to this haunted theatre report ghosts riding the elevator.

20. Spirits of executed criminals are said to haunt this building.

21. This haunted school was once a psychiatric hospital.

22. This school, now home to numerous spirits, once housed a morgue.

1. Spadina House
285 Spadina Road

2. Queen's Park 
111 Wellesley Street West

3. University College
15 King's College Cir

4. Gooderham & Worts Distillery
Parliament Street and Mill Street

5. Bell Media Queen Street (Wesley Building)
299 Queen Street West

6. Colborne Lodge
High Park

7. Old City Hall
60 Queen Street West

8. Regis College (Christie Mansion)
100 Wellesley Street West

9.Old Fort York
100 Garrison Road

10. Hockey Hall of Fame
30 Yonge Street

11. Guild Inn
201 Guildwood Parkway

12. Gibraltar Point Lighthouse
Centre Island

13. Cineplex Odeon Theatre at the Eglinton Town Centre
22 Lebovic Avenue

14. Lower Bay Station
Bay St. at Bloor St.

15. Keg Mansion (Euclid Hall)
515 Jarvis Street

16. Mackenzie House
82 Bond Street

17.  St. Michael’s Hospital 
30 Bond Street

18. Glendon College
2275 Bayview Avenue

19. Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres
189 Yonge Street

20. Old Don Jail
550 Gerrard Street East

21. Humber College Lakeshore
3199 Lake Shore Boulevard West

22. Ryerson Theatre School
44/46 Gerrard Street East

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