First Base Solutions Launches Updated Website

New corporate website empowers customers with more resources

First Base Solutions (FBS), a leading provider of custom mapping solutions and aerial imagery, is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned, public-facing corporate website, Along with contemporary styling, improvements to site-wide navigation have been made with mobile users in mind, with an emphasis on educating the customer on all aspects of digital mapping. Customers visiting the site will now be greeted with an intuitive design, with easy to understand menu choices based on the visitor’s interests, rather than the company’s services.

After realizing that the majority of new visitors to the existing site, published in 2008, spend little time there before moving on, a customer-centric change was clearly indicated.

It’s a bit of a paradox. We always position ourselves at the bleeding edge of technology, but we also make ourselves known by our old school customer service, two corporate strategies that don’t go hand in hand as often as they should. Since the first interaction a potential customer will have with our company is usually online, it’s important to make a great first impression through our website; it’s an extension of our customer service.

The overly-complicated web designs popular in the past have been gradually phased out across the web and replaced with ultra-simple, mobile-friendly versions. The need for a facelift was obvious. Not only did we want to draw more attention to our custom solutions side of things, but we wanted to improve the experience for our visitors, many of whom are coming to our site on mobile devices these days. Getting to the right information quickly and easily is key for these visitors.

In addition to improved organization, FBS’s new corporate website features updated and more comprehensive learning resources related to digital mapping, such as free sample data, expanded glossary and FAQ sections, and references on how to use digital mapping data to solve common business problems for a wide variety of industries. The site is, of course, complete with interactive social features, news, events, and tips and tricks, and even some entertainment.

The ultimate goal is to be the go-to source for geospatial business solutions and information. We want to immediately offer value for your time when you visit our site.

The next phases of website updates will expand on the current trajectory, with plans to incorporate more interactive features, webinars, videos, and technical resources, along with redesigns of FBS’s e-commerce sites, MapWarehouse and VuMAP in 2015.

The see the new website, please visit

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