FBS Completes Google Maps API v3 Upgrade

First Base Solutions upgrades online mapping tools 

Markham, ON, Monday, November 25, 2013 – Google Maps API is the world’s most popular mapping application, used on over a million websites to date, including MapWarehouse and VuMAP, First Base Solutions’ online access points to our library of orthophoto and spatial data.  

 Google Maps API v2 is no longer supported and has ceased to function altogether as of November 19, 2013. The new Google Maps Javascript API has been implemented on both MapWarehouse and VuMAP, to provide our customers with a better user experience including:
  • Faster loading times
  • Improved performance for polygon and marker overlays
  • Support for new browsers including mobile through HTML 5

For those still using Google Maps API v2 on your own website who may be looking to quickly implement the upgrade to v3, FBS is qualified to perform the code migration for you, or, train and support your developers along the way.

Learn more:

First Base Solutions has been a Google geospatial partner since 2007. Our team has been responsible for systems development, license sales, implementation, and training on the Google Maps API, Google Earth Enterprise and Google Maps Engine products across a number of vertical markets: government, including defence, security and intelligence organizations, utilities, renewable energy, third party service providers, and more. Contact us at sales@firstbasesolutions.com for a complimentary evaluation of your application code in order to establish scope.


Established in 2000 in Markham, ON, First Base Solutions (FBS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of J.D. Barnes Ltd. and is a provider of orthophotography, parcel mapping, digital elevation models, and other geospatial data to a variety of industries in Ontario and beyond.  Professional services include image acquisition, custom mapping, and geospatial software development.  FBS is a Google Geospatial, DigitalGlobe, and Teranet partner, and is an authorized reseller of the Google Maps API and Google Earth Enterprise solutions.  FBS offers three web applications to access our data: VuMAP, MapWarehouse, and FBSWMS. To learn more please visit www.firstbasesolutions.com


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